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Automotive Careers

People interested in joining the automotive industry used to be able to learn a particular trade with on-the-job apprenticeships. Now, the technology of today’s automobiles, motorcycles, vehicles, watercraft, and aircraft has improved to such a complex degree that formal education and training has become the norm. The automotive and engine-related technology careers are no exception - to jump start a career in the automotive industry, it is imperative that one receives a formal education and completes a degree.

It’s a good idea to thoroughly research the careers available to you in the engine- and technology-related repair industry, even before you research the schools you would like to attend. The work is demanding, and sometimes the hours are long. The day-to-day activities of an auto-body technician are very different than those of a motorcycle technician.

It is important to become familiar with the differences of each career choice so you can choose the right one for your skill and aptitude level. For example, it takes a much higher math and science aptitude to become a skilled aircraft mechanic than it does to become an automotive service technician.

It is also important to research the best location to begin the particular career you may be interested in. As an example, watercraft mechanics are mainly employed near bodies of water, as those are the types of places where the demand exists. In order to get the best job as an aircraft mechanic—a field that is growing very quickly due to its high wages —you must be prepared to relocate. This all may sound very obvious, but it is important to keep in mind as you begin the process of preparing for your new career.

Take a look at the many career choices we’ve put together for you. Though there are many important differences between them, one thing is certain: engine-related and technology repair jobs are among the fastest growing in the nation. And the type of person who will succeed in the industry has a dedication to learning unparalleled in any other career.

Review Automotive Career Options:

Automotive Technician
Automobile Mechanic
Diesel Technician
Auto-Body Technician
Automotive Electrician
Motorboat Technician
Motorcycle Service Technician
Aircraft Mechanic
Alternative Fuels Technician