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Automotive Schools in North Carolina (NC)

A state of superior beauty, whose kaleidoscopic autumn forests are a marvel to behold, it is no wonder that North Carolina's cities are consistently ranked as some of the best places to live in America. Sports fans will enjoy the state's top-ranking amateur sports teams at the state colleges, as well as the state's nearly 600 golf courses. If you decide to stay in North Carolina upon completing your technical education, you'll have no trouble finding work: there are nearly 1,500 openings every year in North Carolina for positions in the automotive technology industries—be it with a shop, auto dealer, or a professional racing outfit like NASCAR. 

And as far as car racing is considered, North Carolina—the birthplace of stock-car racing—is the state to be in, with more than 50 of its cities holding professional and amateur racing events. From Mooresville to Charlotte to Hickory, every weekend you'll find race cars zooming around at top speed on a North Carolina racetrack. If you decide to stay in the state upon graduating, you'll be pleased to know that North Carolina is also an excellent place to raise a family since it accounts for one-fifth of the nation's National Board Certified teachers—6,646, the most of any state. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at the excellent options North Carolina has to offer prospective automotive students!