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Automotive Schools in Indiana (IN)

Indiana, with more than 1.1 million acres of land available for outdoor recreation, is one of America’s most peaceful states. Think idyllic two-lane routes through cornfields and pastures, roads that endlessly unwind over roller-coaster hills. Think the Indianapolis Speedway, home to the Indy 500, the largest one-day sporting event in the world. Since the 1830’s when the first National Road was built through the state, Indiana has been a crossroads for the Midwest. From the Great Lakes and sand dunes in the north, to the romantic Wabash Valley where you’ll encounter the Covered Bridge Festival, to the state’s historic southern region on the mighty Ohio River, Indiana offers many unique destinations of manmade and natural beauty. 

And not only that—Indiana’s economy is extremely robust: even in the Hoosier state's largest city, Indianapolis, living is comparatively inexpensive in a wide variety of categories, from electric bills to medical costs. In a quarterly survey by ACCRA, a nonprofit organization promoting research for community and economic development, Indiana cities consistently rank below the national average Composite Cost of Living Index. Indian has also been ranked the number one state to foster competitive businesses, which means, if you decide to stay in Indiana when you graduate, you’ll be entering a job market with equally competitive wage opportunities. So if you’re considering a new career in the automotive industry, take a look at the first-rate educational facilities Indiana has to offer. And once you graduate, you’ll be in a perfect location to begin working at an excellent salary!