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Automotive Schools in Maryland (MD)

From the majestic Appalachian Mountains and Appalachian Trail, to the vast bay which has seen much of the nation's history, Maryland boasts a vast assortment of outdoor activities, unique attractions, and historical landmarks. Whether you're into camping, hiking or the Great Outdoors, Maryland has something for everyone. For the patriot in you, the Capital Region and Washington D.C., which is home to a plethora of museums and important national monuments, will be quite an experience. Maryland's Southern Region boasts historical sites dating back not only to the time of the Thirteen Colonies and the Revolutionary War, but even to pre-historic times. Maryland's expansive Central Region is a mixture of vineyards, immaculate public gardens and the bustling nightlife of Baltimore's Inner Harbor. The state's Atlantic coast, with its abundance of creek to bay fishing, quiet country roads and beaches, is also a major attraction. 

As far as job opportunities when you've graduated, Maryland is the place to be in the automotive technician industry, boasting one of the nation's highest growth rates in that industry, as well as one of the nation's highest average incomes. So take a look at the possibilities for a career-oriented education in Maryland, a state rich with history and opportunity. We think you'll be right at home in Columbia.